We will be conducting the country draw for SWCHSMUN 2017 on Wednesday, September 20th at 4:30 pm on the Churchill campus in Room 111. If you are wanting to bring a delegation to SWCHSMUN but cannot attend the country selection meeting, simply send a (long)  list of countries that you would like to select in the draft along with the number of delegates that you will be bringing to SWCHSMUN 2017. When you send in the list of requested countries (by e-mail), please make sure that you examine the Country Matrix (the Country Matrix will be updated in the summer) in advance so you know how many delegates will be required for each country. Another piece of information that you may wish to include in your e-mail message is a ranking of preferred countries to help the people who will be selecting countries on your behalf at the country selection meeting. Teachers that will be in attendance at the country selection meeting are asked to be on time for the meeting as we do not want to begin until we know that all schools that will sending delegations to SWCHSMUN 2017 are in attendance. If you are unable to attend the country selection meeting, please make sure that you contact the Secretary General by e-mail ( or by phone (403-289-9241) in advance of the country selection meeting.

The delegate fees are $25 per student, and each school must pay a $25 registration fee. If you are bringing 10 students to SWCHSMUN, your total fees would be $275. ($25 x 10=$250 + $25 [school registration fee]=$275 total).

Please also make all cheques out to Sir Winston Churchill High School, in the Memo line please write “Model UN”. Receipts will be issued.

Mailing Address:

Sir Winston Churchill High School

5220 Northland Drive NW

Calgary, Alberta T2L 2J6

(Of course, if you teach at another CBE school, you can always use inter-school mail.)

You may also bring the cheques with you when you arrive at the conference.

Registration of individual delegates will take place on the first day of the conference, with delegates completing their registration by filling in a Google Form, similar to what we have done for the last few years.

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