One of the major advantages of staying at Motel Village in Northwest Calgary is its easy access to public transportation. From the Motel Village area you can access the Banff Trail C-Train station very easily. From the Banff Trail station get on the destination Crowfoot Station-bound train and disembark at the Brentwood Station. From Brentwood Station you will need to transfer to a bus (Route 137) to get to Churchill. You can also get on a Crowfoot Station-bound C-Train and disembark at Dalhousie Station and transfer to a Route 37 bus. From most hotels in the Motel Village it may also be very easy to take a taxi to Churchill (depending on the size of your delegation). It is a 5-7 minute tax ride from Motel Village to Churchill. If you use the C-Train, you can explore Calgary fairly easily. From the Banff Trail Station you can catch a train heading to Somerset and get off at Chinook Centre, one of Calgary’s largest shopping malls. One of the top draws of Chinook Centre is the Scotiabank Theatre (Canada’s busiest movie theatre). You could also hop on the train to Crowfoot Station as well and go to the Crowfoot Cinema as well, or go to one of the many restaurants located in the Crowfoot Village area of Northwest Calgary. For trip planning in Calgary using public transit, it is best to check the Trip Planning Section of the Calgary Transit website.

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